OCP Inspired BOAR Cabinet

OCP Inspired BOAR Cabinet

The BOAR Rack by AFCO Systems is an OCP-inspired Open Rack Solution designed to seamlessly integrate with existing Bloomberg LLP data centers and meet the requirements of the OCP V1.1 spec. Since Bloomberg deploys ducted/chimney exhaust, provisions were made to accommodate a ring duct chimney in the rack top panel. The rack is available with/without the chimney duct ring.

Open Compute Project (OCP) is a set of technologies that reduces energy consumption and cost, increases reliability and choice in the marketplace, and simplifies operations and maintenance

OCP Rack

  • Conforms to Open Compute Project Rack Spec V1.1


  • Can be configured to meet any OCP Application

Containment Ready

  • Compatible with Hot Aisle / Cold Aisle Containment Solutions

Structure Ready

  • Adaptable to Cloud Compute Containment Structures

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