Based on OCP Principles | BOAR Cabinet

Based on OCP Principles BOAR Cabinet

The BOAR Rack by AFCO Systems Based on OCP Principles Open Rack Solution designed to seamlessly integrate with existing Bloomberg LLP data centers and meet the requirements of the OCP V1.1 spec. Since Bloomberg deploys ducted/chimney exhaust, provisions were made to accommodate a ring duct chimney in the rack top panel. The rack is available with/without the chimney duct ring.

Open Compute Project (OCP) is a set of technologies that reduces energy consumption and cost, increases reliability and choice in the marketplace, and simplifies operations and maintenance

OCP Rack

  • Conforms to Open Compute Project Rack Spec V1.1


  • Can be configured to meet any OCP Application

Containment Ready

  • Compatible with Hot Aisle / Cold Aisle Containment Solutions

Structure Ready

  • Adaptable to Cloud Compute Containment Structures

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