Polaris Ducted Chimney Cabinet

Polaris Ducted Chimney Cabinet

The Polaris Ducted Chimney Cabinet is a value engineered, multi-purpose enclosure system designed to support overhead air plenum cooling. The Polaris chimney prevents re-circulation of hot exhaust air by channeling hot air directly into the return air plenum. The elimination of cold/hot air mixing maximizes the efficiency and increases the capacity of the data center cooling system. Industry studies have shown this approach has a dramatic impact on the energy budget.

The Polaris Ducted Chimney Cabinet is designed for maximum adaptability. It can be configured to meet just about any high density application. The Polaris Ducted Chimney Cabinet is built on an AFCO Systems “S Series” frame; a four post, fully welded construction that supports up to 51RU of usable mounting space. Choose from three available widths: 24”, 30” or 31.5” and two depth options 42” or 48”. Standard configuration includes two pair of mounting rails (L Rails for 24” W, U Rails for 30” and 31.5”), Radius Front Door, and Flat Sealed Rear Door.


  • Accommodates Servers or Network equipment


  • Multiple Chimney sizes are available to meet any application
  • Unique factory configurations support your specific needs for mounting, cable and power management


  • Fully Welded Steel Frame
  • 3,000 lbs. Static Load Rating


  • Rugged construction does not mean compromising aesthetics. The Polaris S-Series Ducted Chimney Cabinet embraces the sleek lines and appealing stance for which AFCO Systems cabinets are recognized.

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