Trident Enterprise Network Cabinet

Trident Enterprise Network Cabinet

The Trident Enterprise Network Cabinet is optimized for housing and supporting network switches such as the Cisco Catalyst and Nexus series. Trident is built to accommodate “side to side” equipment airflow, while maintaining the integrity of “Hot Aisle/Cold Aisle” data center configurations. Trident is built on the AFCO Systems T-Series frame using tubular steel construction to provide a stable and robust platform that can withstand the rigorous demands of “Rack and Stack” deployments.

Key Features

  • Optimized for network switches
  • Ready for “side to side” airflow
  • Provides high-density cable management options
  • Integrator friendly for third party and off-site “rack and stack” projects

Current Ready Ship Configuration: TR06. Please download speck sheet for more information.

Available Accessories